Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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 Running Up That Hill

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Running Up That Hill Ruthad10
Dark times have fallen on the Wizarding World; the Death Eaters have returned and seem more powerful than before under the control of the new Dark Lord. Nobody knows the name of the new Dark Lord. The general public had learned news of the Death Eaters' huge victory, however, they are unaware that it's their own government.

The Ministry has fallen into the hands of the Death Eaters. From the outside looking in, however, no one can tell that this is the case due to all black smoke that has been put in place. The minister had been turned into a mere puppet to do their bidding. If he disobeys, his life is at stake.

Running Up That Hill Soblue

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Running Up That Hill
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