Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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Daya Vanhusten

Daya Vanhusten

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show the world a little style,
a little attitude

VANHUSTEN, Daya Jade Karen-Gillan-001


sup, my name is Kuma
been breathing air for around Fourteen years now
but only been living for two years
you can drop me a line at

hey teachers, hey creatures,
i'm gonna' school ya'
    name: Daya Jade Vanhusten
    nicknames: Day
    age: fifteen years old
    birthday: August fourth
    gender: female
    orientation: heterosexual
    school year: freshman

just wait
take a breath of air before you faint
    playby: Karen Gillan
    height: 5'3
    weight: 119 lbs
    build fit
    eyes: bronze
    hair: auburn
    distinguishing features: none
    tattoos and piercings: none
    personal style: most of the time, Daya wears thin clothing because of she is so used to the heat. Now that she is in Pennsylvania, she'd start putting on large coats with knitted beanies.
    appearance: Daya keeps herself small, not wanting to be in the crowd of everybody. She's also very tan, and used to the hot heat of her hometown, Arizona. Because she is so used to the heat, she likes to put on layers of clothing or a large coat on chilly days.

do you think you're right,wronged,
or do you think you'll fight?
    likes: trolling online, anime, kittens, comedy, swimming, batman, playing video games, different styles of clothing, various types of coffee, romance novels
    dislikes: superman, having to hide her real self from others, not being able to cook or bake, watching boring history documentaries, the scratchy sound of wind instruments, cold temperature, anybody if they have bad sense of humor, being yelled at by other people, being forced to do something she doesn't want to, being frightened
    strengths: Can swim at a good rate, patient, supportive, has energy and enthusiasm, looks on the bright side
    weaknesses: Not assertive or directive, a day-dreamer, too shy to walk up to others, forgetful, confidence fades away too fast
    greatest fear: Her company not appreciated by anybody
    greatest desire: Wanting to crawl out of her shell and be able to be the person she really is
    habits and quirks: Squirms around in awkward situations, murmurs to herself, shrugs when she is shy-like
    overall personality: Daya is that girl you would call a loner. She also really likes to swim, and gets easily overexcited whenever she is invited to go to the pool. She is awkward but she tries to fit in, not too much that she is pulled in by the whole crowd. She is really weird once she warms up to you. Another thing is that shes a serious coward. If you were to put her on a diving board, she'll try to run past you before you drop her into the water. Daya is that girl who likes to curl up in a blanket and play some games. Sometimes she even concentrates on the games super hard, as if it was reality. Inside her is an awkward, shy, happy-go-lucky soul that loves kittens and the color pink.

we are young, we aredone
we ain't fighting nothing
    mother: Tucker Vanhusten, 35, social worker
    father: Ritter Vanhusten, 36, owner of a small gun store
    siblings: none. Daya is an only child
    extended family: Kinada, family friend whom employed Tucker and Ritter years ago
    pets: Cassie, dachshund, 3 years and Ace, chihuahua, 2 years
    nationality: American
    birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
    history: For Daya, it's hard to believe that her mother, Tucker, and her father, Ritter, fought as if there was no tomorrow. She has heard so many of their romantic stories that she could hardly even imagine a scene where they're both angry. Especially when Daya was a small girl, she'd usually catch her parents sharing kisses with each other. Sometimes to Daya, her parent's past are a puzzle. She thinks it's odd that her father knows how to use guns, same thing goes for her mother's usage of guns. However, she never tries to get in depth with their past.

    When Daya got into middle school, she joined the local swimming team, because she didn't have much friends. Before this, she felt 'chubby' as well. Extraordinarily, Daya did lose weight. She became slim and fit, and continued to keep swimming. Daya began to fall deep in love with swimming, not for the Olympic goal, but for the pure fun of it. Whenever she dived in to the water, she enjoyed the adrenaline of it. Eventually Daya also starting running in a forest near her home. Along the time, Daya was still a quiet girl. She sits by herself at lunch or library tables, and waits till someone actually decides to talk to her. However, Daya can be quite a joker when she warms up to another person. Both of Daya's parents saw how impressive Daya's swimming skills were, so they decided to sign her up for a prestigious boarding school, so that that her career can florish into bigger and better things.

way outside yourself
there's someone out there
who wants you to be free
    words to live by: ?
    clique: ghosts or classclowns

    made by SOPHISTRY of CAUTION 2.0! Please credit and do NOT steal. Lyrics are from School Ya' by Stellastarr*.

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