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Ellis Membrane

Ellis Membrane

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show the world a little style,
a little attitude

Membrane, Ellis Ryder Tumblr_m5g0qjiP281rws73wo1_500


sup, my name is Kuma
been breathing air for around Fourteen years now
but only been living for two years
you can drop me a line at bacongir@gmail

hey teachers, hey creatures,
i'm gonna' school ya'
    name: Ellis Mark Membrane
    nicknames: Eli
    age: fifteen years old
    birthday: October 22nd
    gender: male
    orientation: heterosexual
    school year: freshman

just wait
take a breath of air before you faint
    playby: Dan Howell
    height: 5'10
    weight: 145 lbs
    build athletic
    eyes: brown
    hair: pitch black
    distinguishing features: sometimes has a nerdy grin
    tattoos and piercings: none
    personal style: The average jock-ish way. Most of the time he wears shorts, probably because he's in the gym all the time. When that isn't the case, he could be wearing dark jeans. Red is a color he is attached to.
    appearance: Ellis is usually really tan and has a vibrant smile perched on his face. If he's a bit depressed he'd find an easy way to hide it. Eli is also super obsessed with his own hair. If anyone would dare touch it, he'd go ninja on them. Whenever you see him, he's either working out or touching his own hair.

do you think you're right,wronged,
or do you think you'll fight?
    likes: hearing his parent's voice, making others feel proud or good about themselves, helping out other people, competition, watching football games, playing football, working out at the gym, making new challenges or goals, fixing his hair so that it's perfect, visiting his brother's tombstone
    dislikes: being reminded of his brother's death, being let down, losing games, giving up, other people touching his hair, keeping promises, crying in front of his peers unless he real trusts them, having to keep an arrogant act
    strengths: can set his mind on a goal, a leader who can keep his team positive, cares a lot about the people around him, has stealthy strategies, can easily get others to do things for him
    weaknesses: can't keep a promise, becomes still as a statue whenever someone mentions his brother's death, stories about one of his loved ones dying
    greatest fear: Not living his life to avenge his brother's death
    greatest desire: Keeping his promise to his brother to be more out-going
    habits and quirks: often makes exaggerating grunting noises to express his discomfort, stretches his muscles out whenever he begins to get stressed, rubs his own arms when nervous
    overall personality: You haven't seen cocky until you've met Ellis. Despite being one cocky son of a beotch, he's also one of the sweetest guys you will every met. Sometimes he can get really competitive, especially because he once was told by his brother to man up. Whenever someone of importance to him dies, he tends to get overemotional and bursts into tears. However his arrogant ways cover that up. He also plays Football and is quite obsessed with the popular sport. Overall he's hiding the fact that he's a shy guy with a huge heart with the big ego act.

we are young, we aredone
we ain't fighting nothing
    mother: Heather Membrane, 38, actress
    father: Marcus Membrane, 37, CEO of a big company named Righteous
    siblings: Hunter Membrane, 13 , junior high student (deceased)
    extended family: none
    pets: none
    nationality: British
    birthplace: Chiswick, London
    history: Ellis Membrane was born on the twenty-sixth of October, ten minutes earlier than his younger and identical brother Hunter. You might think that this would cause indifferences, but Ellis's and Hunter's parents loved them equally. Rich parents don't always leave their children alone. Their parents have never hired a babysitter, unless it was something urgent they needed to go to. When Ellis became ten years old he joined a beginner's team for football. The feel of gripping the egg shaped sports ball made him feel good. This was perhaps how he began to get so cocky. During this year, Hunter was killed in a bus accident. It might hurt Ellis whenever he thinks about it, but it's not like he can't move on with his life.

    Once Ellis began middle school, he instantly went to go join the football team. He worked hard and hard to become one of the best players. That's when his arrogant ways finally showed. If one person were to say he was awesome at football, he was thank them repeatedly and then say "I know" and because of this he got used to compliments 24/7. During his last year of Junior High he had already turned down at least four girls younger and older than him. And that was the worst thing he had done, because, after that, one of the older brothers of one of the younger girls had snitched on him. Ellis had been called a pansy and wanker through out his last year. And now he's going to attend AVA.

way outside yourself
there's someone out there
who wants you to be free
    words to live by: ?
    clique: jocks, sweethearts

    made by SOPHISTRY of CAUTION 2.0! Please credit and do NOT steal. Lyrics are from School Ya' by Stellastarr*.

you say that i'm kinda difficult
Membrane, Ellis Ryder Tumblr_m5mxyepdWV1qdeig5o3_500
but it's always someone else's fault
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Membrane, Ellis Ryder
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