Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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 Delmar, Ariadne Lexus

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Ariadne Delmar

Ariadne Delmar

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show the world a little style,
a little attitude

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sup, my name is Autumn
been breathing air for Around 13 years now
but only been living for Two & A Half
you can drop me a line at Kik (app/ free texting service): xfallingwithstylex

hey teachers, hey creatures,
i'm gonna' school ya'
    name: Ariadne Lexus Delmar
    nicknames: Arie
    age: 15
    birthday: November 21st
    gender: Female
    orientation: heterosexual
    school year: freshman

just wait
take a breath of air before you faint
    playby: Katelyn Tarver
    height: 5"6
    weight: 101 lbs
    build skinny/petite/tall
    eyes: cocoa brown with the slightest glossy blue tint
    hair: blonde and wavy, incredibly thick as well, and shiny.
    distinguishing features: none really, besides a few freckles on her arms.
    tattoos and piercings: none, she's too goody-two-shoes.
    personal style: She wears alot of light-denim jeans and baggy blouses of all different colors, often furry brown boots and dangling earrings.
    appearance: Her skin is somewhat tan-ish, and her hair is always clean, she's not modified her body in any way and usually keeps herself smelling like daisies.

do you think you're right,wronged,
or do you think you'll fight?
    likes: at least 10
    dislikes: dirt, bad-boys, rule breaking, salt, fast-food, mess-making, etc.
    strengths: she won't give up, she's clever, she's a natural born leader, she's somewhat of a father-figure, and will do whats right alot.
    weaknesses: her love for bagels, her arrogance, the way she gets into other peoples business, her mindless rambling.
    greatest fear: death
    greatest desire: to see what has never been seen
    habits and quirks: she snorts sometimes when laughing, she has severely random outbursts, she's a goody-two-shoes.
    overall personality: at least 1 nice paragraph

we are young, we aredone
we ain't fighting nothing
    mother: Deborah Snodgrass, 37, surgeon
    father: Douglas Delmar, 43, works on an oil rig in australia.
    siblings: Andromeda (Andy) Delmar, female, 7 years old.
    extended family: Demetri Dellcrox, 19, male, cousin. (That's about it, alot of her family members live far away.)
    pets: Wrinkles, Hairless Cat, 3 years old.
    nationality: Greek
    birthplace: New York, New York.
    history: Growing up in a small New York apartment with her mother Deborah, her little sister Andy (Andromeda), and her hairless cat named Wrinkles, Ariadne was a good kid, never got into any trouble, and if she did she couldn't keep it a secret.

    She was the goody-two-shoes of her school and had a squeaky clean record. Until her boyfriend, Hendrix, tried to kill her and she had to break up with the psycho and come here, to be safer.

way outside yourself
there's someone out there
who wants you to be free
    words to live by: ? Life quote: Today, I'll be as happy as a bird with a french-fry.
    clique: sweethearts, originals.

    made by SOPHISTRY of CAUTION 2.0! Please credit and do NOT steal. Lyrics are from School Ya' by Stellastarr*.

One does not simply walk into Mordor

Delmar, Ariadne Lexus Tumblr_lzz8n50s411qlx6y3

One Simply Has Their Sidekick Carry Them Into Mordor

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Delmar, Ariadne Lexus
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