Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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 Rolling In The Deep

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Renèe Montez


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PostSubject: Rolling In The Deep   7/25/2012, 5:01 pm


Renee Marie Montez

Renee Marie Montez was born Los Angeles, California. She was mostly raised there, apart from moving around a lot. She really tries to be bubbly and nice to everyone, even though it's kind of hard. She has major trust issues going on, and if she's your 'friend', you're not going to know her personal secrets until she knows you well. Sure, family matters? Not so personal. But her real 'trivia' questions? Gonna be harder than heck to burst that open. She doesn't picture herself being this, but everyone who's heard her sing calls her a 'virtuoso'. She loves the praise, but she tries to be modest about it. She likes piano and guitar, but she absolutely adores watching sports. Anything hockey-related is fine by her. She has a twin sister name Gabrielle Montez. She's a 'future Olympian' with dancing skills to be jealous for.

So, her family is really messed up. Her mother died when she was three, and her dad never let her see her mom's parents. They died in Pennsylvania, and their ashes are in Aspen Cemetery. Her dad? Yeah, he's the creator of Google, and yeah, she's really smart. And rich. When she was about four or five, she mistook her nanny as her mom, and her dad was so disappointed...he never got to see her off to her first day of school. Her dad never got to see her recitals, or anything. The only thing he checked up on was her report cards. You could say that she had a slightly terrible childhood.

Now you want to know about friends, ehh? Now, listen closely. If she's with some nerds, she'll be incredibly geeky with them. If she's with popular girls, she'll gossip. It all depends on who the friend is. She loves all diversity, and she'll match up YOUR attitude with hers. Kind of like a mood-changer. But REMEMBER. Absolutely NO taking advantage of her trust. That's like, sinking the Titanic. Thousands died, and very few survived. Just saying.

Romance? Well, if you have to. If she starts having a 'crush' on _____, then she'll probably bottle it up, and give you the cold-shoulder. She'll know if you really like her after that little challenge. You should be super romantic, and she truthfully loves all those cliched moves. Like Easy A once said(paraphrasing), "I want my life to be an 80's movie." I mean, really, who else wouldn't want that? Just gonna say, trust is a must. And, if one of her friends likes you, she will immediately turn you down. It would basically break the girl code.

Enemies. These are often found, to her. She doesn't like ANYBODY that backstabs, goes to the press, asks her for anything, or takes advantage of her trust. She tries to hide her cruelty and just avoids them, but it's really hard for her. She just hates a lot of people, but all of that was mostly in California. Maybe it'll be better here, maybe not.

made by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] of caution!

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Put description heree :D


L-O-V-E is a four letter word <3
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Rosemary Leighton


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PostSubject: Re: Rolling In The Deep   7/27/2012, 9:41 am


Renee & Chris

Friends? Smile Rosemary -- or Chris, as she prefers -- is your average teenager with a more than average voice. She plays piano and guitar, as well as sings. She's pretty good-humored and accepting. She's not popular and doesn't care that she isn't, she likes her life and isn't going to change for anyone. She's somewhat spunky and goofy, and her favorite bands/musicians are Christina Aguilera, Metallica, and Skrillex.



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Araya Segura


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PostSubject: Re: Rolling In The Deep   8/8/2012, 5:35 pm


Renee & Araya

Friends? Well, Araya likes sports and designer clothes. They'd really enjoy shopping and stuff! They both love watching TV. AND they both play guitar. I think they'd have so much fun together.

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PostSubject: Re: Rolling In The Deep   

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Rolling In The Deep
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