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 she could make hell feel just like home

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Harley Fuentes-Napier

Harley Fuentes-Napier

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she could make hell feel just like home Empty
PostSubject: she could make hell feel just like home   she could make hell feel just like home Empty8/27/2012, 3:11 pm

and i believe this may call for a proper introduction
harley radke fuentes-napier

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don't you see, i'm the narrator
info info info info info info info info info info info
and this is just the prologue

Harley. Harls. 14. freshmen.
Harley isn't what you'd call your average teenage girl. She's gotten into
more trouble in her fourteen years of living than most people usually
do by the time they're 30. She does what she wants and doesn't give
as much as a second thought to what people think about her. Her home
was more like a rockstar's crashpad than a traditional home, so her
childhood was definitely an interesting one. She's naturally reckless and
doesn't really think things through, the fact that her actions could hurt or
even kill her doesn't cross her mind. She keeps to herself for the most part,
usually exploring the world in her head.Her sense of humor is dark and half
the time you can't tell if she's joking or not. She enjoys messing with people's
heads. Even her parents questioned there only kid's sanity at times, well
whenever they were sober enough to. Gaining her trust is near impossible;
she's grown up with the mantra "Don't trust anyone but yourself" forever
playing in her head like a broken record. She's a manic depressive without
any meds, so one day she could be calm and quiet, keeping to herself and
the next she'll be hopping around looking for something crazy to do to waste
away her excessive energy. She doesn't take shit from anybody so if you're
planning to run your mouth, don't be surprised when she confronts you.
Harley can be a bit of an ass, especially when she's bored. She likes to test
people and if she can, she'll say or do things that she knows will piss people
off. Rules and authority weren't a big thing in her childhood, she was rarely
told no or disciplined for her actions. It didn't matter what the cops, teachers,
or other people said, the only people who had some control over her were her
parents and they were usually MIA or too high to give a shit. You can threaten,
insult, and punish her and she'll still probably not listen to a word you say,
because the way she sees it, she doesn't have much to lose.

swear to shake it up
haters haters haters haters haters haters
if you swear to listen

Enemies are actually more common than friends for this girl. Whether
it's people she doesn't like or somebody she'd offended, she never seems to have
a shortage. She doesn't always need a reason to hate somebody and will not like
them simply for being annoying in her opinion. Harley's blunt and psychotic attitude
does't seem to mix well with the general population. She's got an out there personality
that most people frown upon. If she doesn't like you, she won't hesitate to let it be
known. Those who think they're better than everyone, fakes, anyone who tries to
boss her around, goody two shoes, and people who find her weird are just examples
of who could fit into this category.

oh, we're still so young
friends friends friends friends friends
desperate for attention

Not that common. Harley is what most people categorize as a freak
and they usually go out oftheir way to avoid her. She not good at making
people like her or opening up to people easily. She'd rather push them away
than let them get close. Most of her like she was basically friendless, besides
the people she partied and got in trouble with, but she doesn't count them.
Getting in trouble, fighting, drugs, graffiti-ing and partying replaced what
should have been watching movies, hanging out, and sharing secrets. She's
got it in her head that everybody's got motives. Anybody willing to be her
friend would have to be patient and prepared for her moody outbursts,
bad habits, and skipping out on plans. Having unmarried parents that
weren't exactly faithful for the most part, resulted in her developing a
sort of commitaphobia. So flaking out on plans isn't uncommon if she still
hasn't opened up at all or doesn't trust you yet. Badasses and other Exiled
probably have a better chance at befriending her.

i aim to be your eyes
lovers lovers lovers lovers lovers lovers
trophy boys, trophy wives

These would be somewhere inbetween friends and enemies. Not common,
but not rare. She's had her share of relationships, though most didn't last long. Most
ended because she couldn't return the "I love you" or else the guy got fed up with her
not fitting the happy cheerful girlfriend mold. Again though, her commitment issues come into
play. She's scared hesitant to let anybody get too close. For it to even
have a possibility to work out, she'd have to be friends with or just trust the guy before
anything happened. Like friends, they'd have to be pretty patient as well. She doesn't
put up with bullshit though, so if they guy tried anything she could guarantee his having
kids would be put off for a few years. Somebody just as stubborn as her, who wouldn't
be afraid to talk/fight back and could put up with her manic depression states would work.

applause, applause! no, wait, wait
credits credits credits credits credits credits credits credits credits
dear studio audience, i've an announcement to make

this debate template was made by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], got it? the lyrics
used are from the ever-awesome band p!atd, specifically, the song titled "the only
difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage". why? cause that is
an awesome song, duh. now, for the rules: it's really quite plain and simple, don't
steal the template, take off the credits here, and pass it off as your own. that is
against the law. and ninja assassins shall come after you if you do that. i'm
serious, here. you think i'm kidding? i am not. it's true. so don't do it, dude.
you have been warned. so, if they come after you, that's your own damn fault.

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daddy should have never raised me on black sabbath
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she could make hell feel just like home
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