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 Life Just Got A Little Brighter.

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Talon Smith

Talon Smith

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PostSubject: Life Just Got A Little Brighter.   8/22/2012, 10:32 am

Most of you probably know me from the 23473658 sites I've been on.
But if you don't know me,
Hey, I'm Jules or Josie, but more so called Skidz.
Why? Because everyone for some reason always seemed to like my character of the name Skidz, every website she was on.
I'm not sure how it became my alias, but I like it. Smile

What half of the population of the earth think of me:

What you might think of me:

What I think of me:

What I really am:

So yeah. I use gifs with a lot of things.

So we should thread. PM me and stuff. Sounds good?

{WARNING: Even though my character is a dude. I am NOT a dude. I am a female. Thank you.}



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Life Just Got A Little Brighter.
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