Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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 Persona: Heaven

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Have you ever wondered what was hidden between the crack in your beloved city? A local town of Tokyo does. They live right off the edge where Tokyo is, naking them distant from the rest of Tokyo besides downtown. The people of this town all know of Danjo, a serial killer who stalks familes of the latest victim. Nobody knows who this masked man is. His eyes are covered and his mouth is too. He can only hear us scream, and so can we. But only a couple of ragtag misfits can save the day. Yes, some dirty rebels. The have the power to find out who Danjo is and what the true meaning of friendship is. Most of all, they will recive their Personas.

[]enter the world of mystery,[/url]

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Persona: Heaven
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