Asgard Valora Academy is set in Pennsylvania, modern time. It is one of the most distinguished academies in the U.S. Apart from world-known music, athletic, and education departments, AVA is just a big 'family', right? You'll have to sign up to find out..
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 North Horizon Academy

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PostSubject: North Horizon Academy   8/6/2012, 2:27 am

North Horizon Academy is where the best, the brightest, the richest and most talented students go to school. You can't get in without an invitation and you don't get an invitation unless you're worth it. Found on one of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, the academy holds state-of-the-art facilities, tediously maintained picture perfect rooms, manicured lawns and internationally acclaimed professors who are trained to give the best education for your child.

But where do the rift rafts go? They all study at South End, a sister campus that's found on the other side of Savannah Bay. Over there, it's survival of the fittest. People at South End know what it's like to live the real world without the glitz and the glamour of money. Don’t get me wrong, the campus isn't that bad. In fact, the campus fares way better than most since it's being run by the same people who founded North Academy. The thing is, the students there are either scholarship kids, former Horizon students who screwed up or people who just don't fit in with the privileged.

It's a known fact that neither campuses like each other. The rich kids don't want to be seen fraternizing with the less blessed and it's the same story from the South. I mean, who would want to hang out with a bunch of snobby narcissists? But when the founders decide to merge the two schools together, all hell breaks lose and tensions rise as the two campuses battle it out for domination. You either go north or south.

Which side are you on?

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North Horizon Academy
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